"The LORD will always guide you and provide good things to eat when you are in the desert. He will make you healthy. You will be like a garden that has plenty of water or like a stream that never runs dry." Isaiah 58:10-12

05 July 2010

Back in the Garden Again

Finally! After what seems like forever (actually, only about 4 months), I've been able to get back in the garden again.

My poor herb garden was overgrown with weeds and the lamb's ear had mounted an aggressive invasion campaign against the vegetable garden. I'm glad that it propagates itself so easily, but it's proving to be a challenge to keep it from taking over where it doesn't belong!

The good news is, the herb garden's now at least half cleared of weeds and the vegetable plot is now home to two squash and two bell pepper plants, as well as the tomato and strawberry that were already there. I've also got at least a half-dozen snap peas, as many radishes and a mystery plant of the pumpkin variety ready to move in tomorrow!

Hurrah! Perhaps I'll once again be able to hold my head up and not be ashamed to call myself a gardener!

I've also had the joy of spotting several previously-unnoticed residents of the insect variety, including several beautiful skippers, carpenter bees and a couple of gorgeous dragonflies. I hope to get photos of these soon, to upload.