"The LORD will always guide you and provide good things to eat when you are in the desert. He will make you healthy. You will be like a garden that has plenty of water or like a stream that never runs dry." Isaiah 58:10-12

16 November 2011

 Today I have received a couple of very good reminders of how the Lord tends my life like a careful, patient gardener nurtures and nourishes the plants in her garden. Sometimes the care the gardener has to give is pleasant, such as giving a good, revitalizing watering, tilling in fertilizer or laying a thick layer of mulch to keep out the frost and chill of autumn or winter.

At other times, the care may come in the form of uprooting the plant and moving it to a new location or even giving it a painful pruning. Ok, I know that plants can't actually feel pain, but you get the picture.

The point is, God takes care of those of us who are His children just like a master gardener cares for their plants. Someone who is truly a committed gardener will spend a tremendous amount of time, attention and energy in the entire process of planning, planting and tending their garden. They do what is necessary to improve the health of the garden overall and the individual plants, so that the plants will be healthy, beautiful and able to produce a wonderful harvest.

In my Bible study for this week, the question was posed, "what season are you in right now?" I feel like I've been in a season of pruning for a while now. It seems to me that the Lord is working to prune out things from my personality and my life that He has deemed unnecessary or harmful. I can't say that it's a pleasant experience, but I'm holding on to the promise that, when it's done, I'll be a healthier and more productive person.

My Thanksgiving List, continued

16 November: I'm thankful for rain - especially good, soaking rainstorms that give the plants in my garden much-needed nourishment!
15 November: Today I'm thankful to God for bringing my best friend through another year of life and giving her the strength to persevere through difficult family relationships, the death of her father and cleaning out the family home.

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